Abby & Einstein have made a beautiful litter of F2 Mini Sheepadoodles!  There are 6 boys and 1 girl in this litter.   We have black and white puppies and blue merle & white puppies as well as some curly coats and some wavy coats.  Lots of variety in this litter!  The temperaments of these pups should be amazing as both mom and dad are lovely dogs!

This is a F2 litter which is a F1 Sheepadoodle crossed with another F1 Sheepadoodle.  The puppies are 50% Old English Sheepdog and 50% Mini Poodle.  Since both parents are each 1/2 OES and 1/2 Mini Poodle some of their puppies can take on more OES genes/traits and others more poodle.   That is why you see some curly coats and some straighter coats.  Since both the Poodle and OES are hypoallergenic breeds these pups will also be hypoallergenic.

The size of these pups is expected in the 25 – 40 pound range give or take some. There could be a bigger or smaller one than average since there is Old English Sheepdog and Mini Poodle in their genetics.   For matured height at the shoulder the pups can be between 15 – 18 inches with most being around 16 – 17 inches high.

These pups will be ready to go home March 2, 2020 or after at the age of 8 weeks. They will have their first booster and several rounds of deworming. Our vet will also have done a thorough inspection of each pup.  Puppy picking is planned for Saturday, Feb 20 by video call done in order of waitlist below.  Photos will be posted again around 3 and 5 weeks of age.  We will also post videos on Instagram and Facebook of each puppy playing the day prior to puppy picking.

For this litter, we will work our way through our current master waitlist and confirm names below once we hear back.

  We are planning more litters for Spring, Summer and Fall 2021.  Ask to sign up for our email updates to be notified of when we have puppies available.  Take note we have closed our Master Waitlist.


Gender will be chosen on puppy picking day. Puppy selection planned for Feb 20.

Time selection will be posted here. 

1. Danielle S ~ Barrie, ON ~ Male 4 ~ “Finnigan”

2. Marek & Tamara K ~ New Market, ON ~ Male 6 ~ “Max”

3. Karen G ~ Toronto, ON ~ Male 1

4. Tori G ~ Caledon, ON ~ Male 2  ~ “Olie”

5. Isabelle L ~ Ottawa, ON ~ Male 5

6. Vaishali J ~ North York, ON  ~ Female 1 ~ “Zuri”

7. Rebecca F ~ Toronto, ON ~ Male 3


The Merle Boys

The Merle Boys

The Merle Boys

Black & White Boys

Black & White Boys

The Merle Girl

The Merle Girl


Female 1

Male 1

Male 2

Male 3

Male 4

Male 5

Male 6



Abby & Chloe


Abby is a warm and affectionate F1 Mini Sheepadoodle.  She is just under 30 lbs and about 17 inches tall at the shoulder. Abby has a curlier coat yet it still has a gentle wave to it as it grows out.   She has a quiet nature and is loyal to those she loves.  She’s a smart little cookie too!  She has been a blessing to her foster family as they have been to her.  Abby makes lovely Tiny and Mini Sheepadoodles! Above is a photo with Abby in the background and her Tiny Sheepadoodle daughter Chloe in the foreground. 

OFA Hips and Elbows – Good




Einstein is our first Merle F1 Mini Sheepadoodle.  He is a fun loving yet easy going boy. He has a soft wavy, non shedding coat.  Einstein lives with his guardian family nearby and has lots of fun with his Goldendoodle brother.  The cats are his buddies too.  He loves life and we are thankful for this little man!   Einstein is clear on his Sheepadoodle Paw Print Genetic panel and also clear on hips & elbows with OFA.  He weighs around 37 lbs and is around 20 inches high at his shoulders.