The Boys

The Girls


Born August 21, 2020

Ready for homes October 16, 2020

Blossom and Duffy have been paired together to make a lovely litter of Olde English Goldendoodles! This is a Sheepadoodle with a touch of Goldendoodle.  These puppies are 25% Old English Sheepdog, 25% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle.  What a wonderful blend!!

The Olde English Goldendoodle generally has a gentle demeanour and are fast learners! They are friendly, social and love their families.  They make an excellent family dog and companion.

We have 10 puppies in this litter, 6 boys and 4 girls. What a nice variety of colours and markings, making this a stunning litter once again from Blossom. I expect these puppies to have a nice soft, thick fleecy coat that is hypoallergenic with little to no shedding.

Since this litter is a blend of Mini and Moyen size we are putting it as Mini on the larger side.  These pups should be around 35 – 55 lbs matured give or take some.  The average pup should be around 40 – 50 lbs matured.  It’s a great average sized dog!

Puppy picking is planned for around 6 weeks of age taking us to early October.  We will be posting photos of pups around 1, 3 and 7 wks to help you decide.  Then the week of puppy picking we post on Instagram and Facebook a video of pups playing.  Puppy picking can be done by video call, phone call, text or email.  Puppy picking will be arrange after the wait list has been established and will be done in deposit order.

Pups will be ready to go home Friday, October 16, 2020 or after between 8-9 weeks of age.   The pups will come with their first booster, several rounds of dewormer, vet check with health records, and a puppy pack including some food, toy, blanket, vitamins and optional 30 day free pet insurance.

All these puppies are reserved for those who already put a deposit down and are on our waiting list.   We will work our way through the master wait list from top to bottom for those on the Mini list and mark confirmed to those who wish to pick a pup from this litter.  If on puppy picking day there wasn’t a suitable pup for you, you can keep your name on our master wait list and wait for another available puppy.  You will need to decide on one litter to pick from at a time.  If you pass on a litter on puppy picking day you will need to wait for the next available litter.  That puppy would then be available for the next people in line on our wait list to pick from.

These puppies are priced at $3,500 CD.  Everyone has already put a $500 deposit down so the remaining amount owing is $3,000 CD.   This can be paid after you pick your puppy at the 6 week mark.


(Will confirm as we hear from people – Gender preference is not decided until puppy picking day. If there is not a suitable pup for you on puppy picking day, you may wait for our next available openings in a future litter)

1. Breeders Pick Male

2. Breeder’s Pick 1 Female

3. David & Alice Court ~ Toronto, ON ~ Confirmed

4. Abby Ridding ~ Whitby, ON ~ Male or Female ~ Confirmed

5. Theresa Foy ~ Mississauga, ON ~ Confirmed

6.  Joan Jackson ~ Tupperville, ON ~ Confirmed

7. Danielle Shwed ~ Barrie, ON ~ Confirmed

8. Spencer Shier ~ Toronto, ON ~ Male ~ Confirmed

9. Janie Penhearow ~ Kitchener, ON ~ Tiny or Mini ~ Fall 2020 or after ~ Waiting Confirmation





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  Mother: Blossom is our Goldendoodle Sheepdog from Wagging Heart Kennels made by crossing a Goldendoodle with our past Sheepdog Jake. She is sweet, quiet and gentle.  Her coat is soft, fleecy and full. She has a lovely tuxedo pattern.  Her hips and elbow health testing has passed as good and normal.  She weighs in at around 55 lbs.


Father: Duffy is an F1b Mini Goldendoodle, hired in from Doodle Creek, with a beautiful brown and white coat. He is a full brother to Dallas and has the same outgoing, loving personality. His thick, curly coat will be excellent for producing non shedding, hypoallergenic Goldendoodles. Duffy is used to create our wonderful Multigen English Goldendoodles. The puppies from Duffy are brown, brown and white, black, black and white, apricot, apricot and white and a few are even tri coloured in the black or brown main coat colours. You can see more photos and details about Duffy at Doodle Creek’s website


Enjoy some of Blossom’s PAST PUPS on Instagram