Born April 10, 2022

Ready June 5, 2022


Ready for homes June 5, 2022

These puppies are priced at $3,500 CD

Maya & Bo welcome a beautiful litter of Mini Sheepadoodle puppies.  There are 12 gorgeous puppies in this litter.  We have 8 stunning little ladies and 4 handsome boys.  From the looks of the coats it looks like there will be wavy and curly coats.

These Sheepadoodles are a blend of 50% Old English Sheepdog and 50% Poodle. Mom is a F1b Mini Sheepadoodle and dad is a F1b Reverse Mini Sheepadoodle.  The shedding will be minimal in this litter as both parents are considered hypoallergenic breeds.

The pups in this litter are expected to be in the 30 – 45 lbs range but there could be some bigger or smaller because of the genetics behind them. Mom is about 30 lbs and dad is about 35 lbs but they both have OES behind them so there could still be some bigger pups than the parents in this litter.  I expect the pups to matured to an average of around 16 – 18 inches high at the shoulder.

Individual puppy photos will be posted around  4 – 5 weeks of age on our website and social media. We will write a little description of the pups as well the day or two before puppy selection.  We will send you an updated photo of the pup you picked after puppy selection.

Puppy selection is planned around 6 weeks of age on May 23, 2022.  Puppy picking is done in the order posted on the website. Times will be arranged and listed on our website once the waitlist is place.   We do have openings now and so you will see availability!

Pups will be ready to go home June 5, 2022 or after between 8-9 weeks of age.   The pups will come with their first booster, several rounds of dewormer, vet check with health records, and a puppy pack including some food, toy, blanket, vitamins and optional 30 day free pet insurance.

For our puppy picking process refer to our pricing and payments page.  You can also look at our News & Upcoming litters page for more info on our process and our planned upcoming litters.

See some puppy videos on our Instagram account

Boys 1 – 4 at 6 wks 

Girls 1 – 4 at 6 wks 

Girls 5 – 8 at 6 wks

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Puppy Picking is planned for May 23/22 at posted time slot.

Gender is picked at selection time.

1. Potential Breeder’s Pick ~ Female ~ 9:30 am

2. Alex DiGiacomo ~ Toronto, ON ~ Either Gender ~ Confirmed ~ 10 am

3. Sandra D ~ Kitchener, ON ~ Male Preference ~ Confirmed ~ 10:30 am

4. Sandra D ~ Kitchener, ON ~ Male Preference ~ Confirmed ~ 10:30 am

5. Baihe C ~ Markham, ON ~ Male Preference ~ Confirmed ~ 11 am

6. Akemi and Don J ~ Halifax, NS ~ Either Gender ~ Confirmed ~ 11:30 am

7. Katherine M ~ Kleinburg, ON ~ Confirmed ~ 12 pm

8. Christina S ~ Elmira, ON ~ Female Preference ~ Confirmed ~ 12:30 pm

9. Yourik P ~ Blainville, QB ~ Either Gender ~ Pending ~ 1 pm

10. Available

11. Available

12. Available

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Full white coat with a little grey spot on one ear, straight coat, calm pup in this litter, gentle, 4.4 lbs at 6 wks

White with little eye patch, straight coat, calm, quietest pup in the litter, playful, sweet, friendly, gentle. 4.6 lbs at 6 wks

Black & White parti markings, straight coat, friendly, happy, sweet, likes to cuddle or play, big girl at 6.5 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo coat, quite and more independent, can play with other pups but also doesn’t mind having her own time, wavy coat. 5.4 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo with grey phantom markings, wavy coat, playful, energetic, happy, engaging, bright, petite build, 4.6 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo with white spots on her back, energetic, playful, uses her voice when she plays or wants something, curly coat, 5.4 lbs at 6 wks.

Black & white tuxedo with phantom markings, lively, noisy, playful, energetic, curly coat, 6.2 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo with one eye patch, wavy coat, playful, engaging, bright, petite body build, 4.4 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo coat, wavy coat, big gentle giant, sweet, kind, loves to be pet, 6.6 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white parti markings, straight coat with gentle wave, sweet and cuddly, playful, happy pup, 4.5 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo coat, straight coat, sweet, inquisitive, fun loving, engaging, happy, 4.6 lbs at 6 wks

Black & white tuxedo coat with gentle wave, friendly, even natured, calm and content, observant, content, 5 lbs at 6 wks

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Maya is one of our own bred Sheepadoodles here from I Love My Sheepadoodle.  It’s so nice to pick your own pup from favourite bloodlines.  Maya is a happy gal living the life with her family in the Grand Bend area.  She is pampered like an only child!  Her mom Missy is one of our favourite poodles here at I Love My Sheepadoodle.   Maya’s dad is our popular Mini Sheepadoodle stud Wrigley!  He is a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle and looks like a purebred mini Old English Sheepdog.  Maya weighs in around 30 lbs.  Maya has passed her OFA prelims with good hips and normal elbows. Maya is clear on all her genetic testing on Embark.


Bo is a F1b Reverse Mini Tuxedo Sheepadoodle. He is 75% Old English Sheepdog and 25% mini poodle.  Bo weighs in around 35 lbs and has a full and magnificent coat.  Bo lived with us for about 4 or 5 months before joining his guardian family in a near by village from us.  He is adored by his family members and those around.  They say he is a dream dog since he is so good! Before he got his name Bo from his guardian family, we called him TJ for Tobi Junior.  He still responses to us when we call him TJ and he is always excited to come out and see his second family here out in the country.   TJ has a clear DNA with Animal Genetics and the Paw Print Sheepadoodle panel. He has passed his OFA prelims with excellent hips and normal elbows.

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Maya’s Past Pups