Black with white abstract markings, curly coat, energetic, playful, outgoing, loves activities. 7.4 lbs at 6 wks


Mocah – F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle

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Einstein ~ F1 Mini Sheepadoodle with his Guardian

Ready for homes June 2, 2022 or after 

Mocah & Einstein welcome their first litter of F2b Moyen Sheepadoodles together!  There are 3 boys and 4 girls.  These puppies have gorgeous markings with a nice variety of colours and patterns!  You will see black and white pups and also merle and white pups! Some of these merle pups could have blue or partially blue eyes.  The temperaments of these pups should be amazing as both mom and dad are friendly, personable dogs.

This is a F2b litter making the pups about 1/3 Old English Sheepdog and 2/3 Poodle.  Mocah is a F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle which is 75% poodle and 25% Old English Sheepdog. Einstein is a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle.  Some of the puppies can carry more OES looks and traits while others may take on more of a poodle look or trait. The pups either have wavy coats or curly coats.  Theses puppies will be hypoallergenic since both the Poodle and Sheepdog are hypoallergenic breeds.

The size of these pups is expected in the 35 – 55 lbs range.  On average they should be around 40 – 50 lbs.  Some could end up smaller or bigger since they have a mini poodle grandpa on one side but then their Grandmas are both purebred Old English Sheepdogs which will factor in making them a bit bigger/stockier.  For matured height at the shoulder the pups are expected to be between 17 – 22 inches with most being around 18-20 inches high.

Puppy selection is planned for Thursday, May 19, 2022 by video call done in order of the waitlist below.  We will post times/dates here on the website.  We plan to post a little description of the pups the week of puppy picking.

These pups will be ready to go home June 2, 2022 or after at the age of 8 weeks. They will have their first booster and several rounds of deworming. Our vet will also have done a thorough inspection of each pup.   They will come with a puppy pack that has their health records, vaccines, toy, scented blanket from mom or littermates, a tube of probiotic paste and started off with love and care from our family and staff!

These Sheepadoodle puppies are priced at $3,000 CD taxes in

Our puppy application page is now open!

Videos of pups at 6 weeks on Instagram

We look forward to helping your family with one of these puppies.  They make great family pets and lovely companions.


Puppy Selection May 19, 2022

 Times will be posted here

1. Jennifer H ~ Colborne, ON ~ Male 3

2. Ben J ~ Toronto, ON ~ Male 1

3. Suzanne L ~ Stoney Creek, ON ~ Female 2

4. Stephanie R & Andrew W ~ Scarborough, ON ~ Female 3

5. Richard G & Daniela G ~ London, ON ~ Female 4

6. Kacey L & Eli ~ Kingston, ON ~ Female 1

7. Male 2 ~ Available


alt=puppy love


Light chocolate merle with white abstract markings, wavy coat, gentle, calm, cuddly, loves belly rubs. 5.4 lbs at 6 wks

Black with white abstract markings, curly coat, energetic, playful, outgoing, loves activities. 7.4 lbs at 6 wks

Chocolate merle with some white abstract markings, loose curl with gentle wave, medium energy, playful, not shy and not hyper – in between, observant, calm. 5.6 lbs at 6 wks

Light chocolate merle with white abstract markings, wavy coat, gentle, quiet, cuddly but also has fun playing with toys or something in nature like a stick or cluster of grass, enjoys to romp around and explore or is also good to just hang out. 6 lbs at 6 wks

Blue merle with white abstract markings, curly coat, likes to be with people, will play or snuggle, medium energy. 6.6 lbs at 6 wks

Chocolate merle with white abstract markings, curly coat, most energetic pup in the litter, loves to zoom around and play, outgoing, social, right and busy, loves to interact and play with people or other pups. 6 lbs at 6 wks

Black with white abstract markings, four cute white paws, wavy coat, petite build, shyest pup of the litter if you had to pick one but still playful, happy and sweet. 6 lbs at 6 wks

alt=puppy love


alt=puppy love



Mocah – F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle

Mocah is a chocolate phantom F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle weighing in around 45 lbs and about 20 inches high at the shoulder.  She is friendly and social and enjoys meeting new people and making friends.  Mocah’s coat reminds us of a chocolate Mars bar, she has light caramal socks and a chocolate coloured coat.  Her coat is soft, silky and wavy and is gorgeous grown out.   She is 75% poodle and 25% Old English Sheepdog.  Mocah has passed her OFA prelims with Good Hips and Normal Elbows.  Darla is cleared by parentage for Genetic DNA health clearances.  Her mom is our poodle Gracie and her dad is our Mini Sheepadoodle Wrigley. We are excited to produce more lovely pups like her for others to enjoy!



Einstein is a fun loving, energetic happy guy.  He lives with his guardian family nearby and is always ready on standby to come out to make more puppies.  Einstein gets along with everyone.  He will play with his Goldendoodle brother and then go off and play with his Feline buddy at home for more fun. Einstein is sharp and smart like his name suggests and doesn’t miss out on the action.

Einstein is a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle weighing around 37 – 40 lbs.  His mom Jenny is a registered purebred Old English Sheepdog. His dad is our beloved Tobi, our purebred Mini CKC Blue Merle Parti Poodle.

Einstein has passed his OFA prelims with Good hips and normal elbows.  He has been tested with Embark DNA Genetics and has a clear panel with the exception of being a carrier of IVDD.

We are thankful for the stunning Sheepadoodle pups Einstein has produced!



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