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Each of our kids here at I Love My Sheepadoodle have their own dog.  Our son Micah has a beautiful Old English Sheepdog he calls London.  She has a calm, strong, steady personality.  She weighs in around 60 – 65 lbs and stands around high 24 inches at her shoulders. She has been mated with our purebred registered Canadian Standard Poodle stud – Marlin.  Marlin is a flashy black and white tuxedo poodle with a soft to touch curly coat.  Marlin loves life and likes to be were the action is.  He is around 55 lbs and also 25 inches tall at the shoulder.   Their puppies should be in the 55 – 65 lbs range matured and stand around 24 – 25 inches at the shoulder.  They will have the nice thick, soft wavy coats known to the F1 Sheepadoodle breed.

As you can see Marlin and London had a litter of 7 gorgeous puppies on February 29, 2020.  We have had many people asking for puppies so have posted our son’s pups for people to buy directly from him.  These puppies will have been raised with similar love and care as I Love My Sheepadoodle puppies.  The same vet will come out and check each one thoroughly and they will all received their first booster and several rounds of dewormer.   They are in the same nursery with our other puppies listening to their lullabies and praise music.

Because our son is selling these puppies directly through his own name, these puppies have no tax in their price.  They are priced at $2,000.  They do not come with our health guarantee since they are Micah’s dogs. They will be vet approved and in good health and should make great pups.  They will each come with their own little health record booklet and vaccination certificate.

We will be planning puppy picking for these pups April 11, 2020 or after when they are 6 wks old.  We will be arranging puppy picking by video call.  People pick in deposit order.  They will be ready to go home April 25, 2020 or after between the ages of 8 and 9 wks old.  Please note that we are closed Sundays.

These puppies will be eating Royal Canin Medium Puppy food so you can stock up on your supplies ahead of time. They will come home with a little starter pack.  We send the pups home with a scented blanket and toy.  You will meet your puppy for the first time being freshly bathed and ready to start their life with your family!

Deposits are a nonrefundable $500 to hold a spot to your name to one of these puppies.  It goes towards puppy purchase.  The remaining $1,500 can be sent by e-transfer when you pick your puppy around 6 wks of age.

Contact Micah Kraayenbrink if you are interested in one of these puppies.

Please e-mail:

Call: 519-291-7682

Puppies will be picked by video call at 6 wks of age on April 11, 2020

1. David Halliwill

2. Jake Ruiter

3. Andrew & Natasha

4. Tricia Bates

5. Matt Hunter

6. Jacqueline Solomon

7. Carly Wade

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