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Ready for homes January 8, 2022

Roxee and William have a beautiful litter of Tiny Sheepadoodles!  There are 5 stunning boys and 1 lovely little lady.  This litter has a variety of wavy and curly coats, but most are curly!   These Tiny Sheepadoodle pups are lovable and cute and we look forward in providing you with a beautiful Tiny Sheepadoodle from this litter!

We anticipate the pups in this litter to mature out in the 20 – 30 lbs range.  Some could be a bit more or less but most should mature to around 25 lbs or so.   Based on the parents their heights at the shoulder matured to should be around 14 – 16 inches high at the shoulder. The pups will be about 1/3 OES and 2/3 Mini Poodle – a really nice blend of the two breeds and in a nice size – not too big and not too small.

These pups markings are blue merle & white (which is grey, black and white) and black and white.  The blue merles will look light grey with dark grey or black spots in a mature coat. The white will stay white.  The black pups could stay black and white or go grey and white – time will tell!

Puppy selection is planned for around 5 – 6 weeks mid to late December.  Our puppy selection is done virtually.  We will post a video on instagram of the pups playing a day or two before puppy selection date so you can see them in action.  We will also post individual puppy photos around 4-5 wks of age.

Pups will be ready to go home January 8, 2021 or after between 8-9 weeks of age.   The pups will come with their first booster, several rounds of dewormer, vet check with health records, and a puppy pack including some food, toy, blanket, vitamins and optional 30 day free pet insurance.

Puppy Application Page is Open!  

 You can fill our the puppy application page and we will try to get back to you within the next 12 – 48 hrs. Deposits are a non-refundable $500 and go only towards a puppy from this litter.  The remaining amount of $3,500 is due a few days before puppy pick up.
You can see our News & Upcoming litters page for more info on our next litters and our new process.
Our Tiny Sheepadoodles are priced at $4,000 CD taxes included.

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(Puppy selection is planned at 6 wks of age)

1. Niko K ~ Confirmed

2. Danielle ~ Confirmed

3. Ajeeth P ~ Confirmed ~ Preference to male

4. Leo D ~ Pending

5. Available

6. Available






alt=puppy love


Roxee is our F1 Mini Sheepadoodle weighing in around 20 lbs and 15 inches at the shoulder.  She is 50% Mini Poodle and 50% OES.  She is a very gentle and kind mother. Roxee lives with her guardian home most of the time and enjoys her life with them.  They say she is a dream dog!  Roxee  is a beautiful dog inside and out and we expect the same of her puppies!

Good Hips & Normal Elbows – OFA Prelims

Clear on Paw Print DNA Sheepadoodle panel & Embark DNA Panel

William is our F1b Tiny Sheepadoodle we kept back from our first litter with Abby x Tobi. William has the desired blue merle coat and 2 blue eyes.  He also has a curly, hyper-allergenic coat which he should pass on to his pups. He is a fun loving dog and would play with a ball and stick for hours.  Yet he has a sensitive aspect to him where he wants to please his people and picks up on their feelings.  William is around 20 – 25 lbs and around 16 inches high at his shoulders.     He has past his OFA prelims with good hips and elbows.   William has a clear Paw Print DNA Sheepadoodle panel.

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Gimli – From Maggie

Blueberry – From Maggie – On Instagram

Waffles – From Maggie – On Instagram