Puppy Health Guarantee & Contract


We offer a one year health guarantee against life threatening genetic illnesses on our puppies. We also cover hip, eye and heart genetic issues.  This health guarantee does not cover off bites or hernias.  It does not cover parasites, disposition, colour, life span nor things that can be picked environmentally. 

Your puppy comes vet approved and with their first set of vaccinations and several rounds of dewormer. We send home a scented blanket, toy and some food to start them off.  We also offer 30 days free trial with Trupanion’s Pet Insurance. Just call within 24 hours of picking up your puppy to activate it.

Please have your puppy checked over by your vet within the first 72 hrs. If something comes up let us know. You can return your puppy within 3 days and we will fully reimburse you with your money (minus deposit).  After that time you may return the puppy to us at your cost, but we cannot reimburse you. We will find a new family for your dog/puppy.  If you ever need to rehome your pup it must be returned to I Love My Sheepadoodle. All costs associated with pup after pick up are your responsibility. 

If vet report and test shows that your puppy from I Love My Sheepadoodle fails a genetic test on its hips or heart within the first year from puppy’s birthdate, 50% of purchase price will be reimbursed and buyer keeps puppy.  Or your puppy can be returned and you can have the next available puppy of your choice from I Love My Sheepadoodle at 50% discount.

Buyer agrees to spay or neuter the puppy by the age of 8 months.  Please submit a copy of your spay to us by the time the pup is 10 months old.  Our health guarantee will be void without it.  Our puppies are sold as PET ONLY.    We do not sell pups for breeding purposes. Any breeding with our dogs whether intentional or accidental is strictly prohibited.

We send our puppy home with good quality food. We recommend 4 Strong Paws Puppy Food or Royal Canin or other similar quality name brands.  Buyer is responsible for feeding quality dog food. Please, no grocery store dog food.  Cheap dog food does not give puppy proper nutrition.

We encourage our puppies to go on NuVet Vitamins to promote a healthy start to their growing bodies.  This is a boost that helps bring them through their first few years.  We will send your puppy home with a starter pack to these vitamins.

We do not dock our puppies tails. We do not microchip our puppies. We leave that up to each individual to decide with their own vet. 

It is your responsibility to care for and train your new puppy.  We strongly recommend enrolling in a puppy class.  You can watch lots of fun videos on YouTube about puppy training. Look under our Links page for some starters. Your puppy becomes what you make it!

Our aim is to produce quality pups to loving and caring owners. We trust you will love and cherish your new addition as we pass on this precious puppy gift from our family to you!


We are doing Paw Print DNA genetics on our Breeding Dogs

 We are in the process of getting all our breeding dogs done if they are not already cleared by parentage (if both parents are clear then their puppies will be too).

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