Mini Sheepadoodles

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$2,000 – $2,500


Openings ~ $2,500 CD


Openings ~ $2,500 CD


$2,500 ~ Available


$2,500 CD


$2,000 ~ Available


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Maya – F1b Sheepadoodle

We are excited to finally have the Mini Sheepadoodle in the F1b blend.  We have used some of our favourite offspring of our own breeding stock here at I Love My Sheepadoodle to make this possible.  We also have brought in some fresh new lines as well.  These pups are from the best of our best!

The F1b Sheepadoodle puppies are 25% Old English Sheepdog and 75% Mini Poodle. We make our F1b Mini Sheepadoodles by combining a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle with a Mini or Moyen Poodle.  You will see some curly coats and some straighter coats coats in this litter.  You may also notice a variety of colours!  Since both the Poodle and OES are hypoallergenic breeds these pups will also be hypoallergenic.  People like this blend for those who are concerned about allergies.


Abby – F2 Sheepadoodle (in moyen size)

The F2 Mini Sheepadoodle litter is a F1 Sheepadoodle crossed with another F1 Sheepadoodle.  The puppies are 50% Old English Sheepdog and 50% Mini Poodle.  Since both parents are each 1/2 OES and 1/2 Mini Poodle some of their puppies can take on more OES genes/traits and others more poodle.   That is why you see some curly coats and some straighter coats.  Since both the Poodle and OES are hypoallergenic breeds these pups will also be hypoallergenic.


Freddie – F2b Mini Sheepadoodle

The F2b Mini Sheepadoodle is a blend of a F1 Sheepadoodle (50% Poodle and 50% OES) and F1b Sheepadoodle (75% Poodle and 25% OES). These puppies are 62.5 % Poodle and 37.5% Old English Sheepdog.  You will see a variety of coat types in this litter – some being curly and some being wavy.  You will also see multiple colours in the litter, sometimes brown and white, black and white, apricot and white or merle and white.  You could also have parti (part white and a colour), tuxedo (mostly solid with white neck collar and white feet), solids, or abstracts (solid with a bit of white).  You may also have some tan points as well or brindle.  Overall lots of colour options!

We expect the size range to be 25 – 45 lbs depending on the parents. Most times these pups will average around 30 – 40 lbs. Sometimes there could be a bigger or smaller pup because of the genetics behind them.

These puppies will still be hypoallergenic for those searching for a low shedding dog.


Offering the Mini Olde English Goldendoodle ~ A Sheepadoodle wth Goldendoodle! 

Blossom & Delicia ~ Blossom is a 55 lbs Olde English Goldendoodle. She is now retired from our program.

For those that love both the Sheepadoodle and Goldendoodle and can’t decide, well here’s your answer!  This is a lovely combination of both doodles in one dog.  They are known for their gentle demeanour, yet have a fun loving, silly side to them.  They are fast learners and keen to please.  They are friendly, social and love their families.  We expect size ranges to be around 25 – 50 lbs in Mini Olde English Goldendoodles.

Past Mini Puppies From Blossom x Tobi on Instagram

Winnie – Mini Olde English Goldendoodle




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