Mini Sheepadoodles

Sadie’s Litter has arrived!

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Sadie’s Boys


Also offering the Mini Olde English Goldendoodle ~ A Sheepadoodle wth a Touch of Goldendoodle!

Blossom x Duffy ~ Due Early September 2020 – Reserved for those on our wait list

Photos below are from Blossom’s Past litters with Tobi 



The Boys

The Girls

Blossom and Tobi have another gorgeous litter of Olde English Goldendoodles. This is a Mini Sheepadoodle with a touch of Goldendoodle!  A wonderful blend!! There are 11 puppies – 7 boys and 4 girls.  As you can see there Blossom and Tobi have given us another beautiful array of puppies.

These pups should be around 25 – 40 lbs matured give or take some.  The average pup should be around 30 – 35 lbs matured.  They will either have fleecy coats or a gentle curl.

The Olde English Goldendoodle generally has a gentle demeanour and are fast learners! They are friendly and social and love their families.  This is an excellent blend in a nice easy to handle size.

All these Mini Sheepadoodles are priced at $3,500 taxes in.  See our pricing page for more details.


Our next Mini Sheepadoodle litter is planned for late Fall 2020.

Apricot Boys and Merle Boys

The Black Tuxedo Boys

The Black Tuxedo Girls

Merle Girls






Put in approximate order of size from largest to smallest with boys first then girls

Male 1 – “Charlie” – Anna’s Pup

Male 2 – Stacy Epstein’s Pup

Male 3 – ARCHIE – Danica’s Pup

Male 4 – “SNOOP” – Risa’s Pup

Male 5 – “OZZI” – Andrew & Ryan’s pup

Male 6 – Antonio’s Pup

Male 7 – Pam’s Pup

Blossom’s Female 1 – Ibiayi’s Pup

Blossom’s Female 2 – Ali’s Pup – Pepper

Blossom’s Female 3 – “RUDY” – Tova’s Pup

Blossom’s Female 4 – Simon’s Pup


Male 1 – “Charlie” – Anna’s Pup

Male 2 – Stacy Epstein’s Pup

Male 3 – “ARCHIE” – Danica’s Pup

Male 4 – “SNOOP” – Risa’s Pup

Male 5 – “OZZI” – Andrew & Ryan’s pup

Male 6 – Antonio’s Pup

Male 7 – Pam’s Pup

Female 1 – Ibiayi’s Pup

Female 2 – “PEPPER” – Ali’s Pup

Female 3 – “RUDY” – Tova’s Pup

Female 4 – Simon’s Pup


Enjoy Some Photos of Past Pups Below from Blossom x Tobi

6 WEEK PHOTOS – 2019 Summer Litter

Pink Collar Tuxedo Girl “GRACIE” – Micheal’s Pup

Red Collar Tuxedo Girl – Kelly’s Pup

Purple Collar Tuxedo Girl – “SCOUT” – Debbie’s Pup

Brown Merle Girl – Kailynn’s Pup

Yellow Collar Girl – William’s Pup

Brown Tuxedo Boy – Rachel’s Pup

Black Tuxedo Boy – Casey & Karin’s pup

Blue Merle Boy – “CODI” – Katy & Doug’s Pup

Brown Collar Male ~ “SEAMUS” ~ Sold To Dianne


Green Collar Apricot Parti Boy ~ Nigel ~ SOLD

Apricot Tuxedo Boy ~ “REMY” ~ Patricia’s Pup

Enjoy some of our PAST PUPS on Instagram







Mini Olde English Goldendoodle

Born September 4, 2018 ~ THIS LITTER IS SOLD OUT  

Blossom and Tobi have had their first litter of Mini Olde English Goldendoodles!  These pups are a Mini Sheepadoodle with a touch of the Goldendoodle. For those that love both the Sheepadoodle and Goldendoodle and can’t decide which – well here’s your answer! This is a lovely combination of both doodles in one dog – and in the Mini size!!

What a beautiful litter of puppies. Eleven in total so lots to choose from!  We are falling more and more in love with these puppies every day!  Whoever gets one of these pups as their own is going to be very blessed!! The pups are so sweet, calm and gentle. Their coats are soft and wavy.  The size is amazing too! 

 These pups should mature to around 30 – 35 lbs. We have a variety of markings in this litter!  We have black and white tuxedo coats. This will turn to grey and white as they mature into their adult coat but also have a good chance of staying black and white. We also have a couple apricot and white puppies! Finally we have some Merle Mini Sheepadoodles!!  There are two in this litter.  What a rare find!  The Merles will keep their black spots.  Some may even have blue eyes!  What a lovely selection of puppies!

Mother: Blossom is our Goldendoodle Sheepdog from Wagging Heart Kennels made by crossing a Goldendoodle with our past Sheepdog Jake. She is sweet, quiet and gentle.  Her coat is soft, fleecy and full. She has a lovely tuxedo pattern.  Her hips and elbow health testing has passed as good and normal.  She weighs in at around 55 lbs.

Father: Tobi is our purebred Mini Parti Blue Merle Poodle. He is registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.  He is amazing in every way!! He is playful, fun, sweet, cuddly and has a merle parti coat. He throws beautiful pups inside and out.  His friendly disposition is what we want to see in every dog! He is 12.5 inches high and 16 lbs.  He has passed his hip and elbow health testing as well with good and normal with the OFA.

 These pups are priced at $3,500 (taxes included).  Deposit is $500 and goes towards puppy purchase.  The deposit will hold a pup to your name in this litter.  People will pick pups in order deposits are made.  Puppies can be chosen around 7 weeks of age and go home after 8 weeks of age.

We have openings for deposits on this litter.  Contact us to make your reservation.

Priced at $3,500 (taxes included)  –  Merle pups are an additional $500


Female 3 – Mardee’s Pup

Female 4 – Molly – Healther’s Pup

Female 5 – Caryn’s Pup

Female 6 – Steve’s Pup

Female 7 – Melissa’s Pup

Male 1 – Kailynn’s Pup

Male 2 – Jeff & Elsie’s Pup

Male 3 – Alice’s Pup

Male 4 – Amanda’s Pup


Below is a Instagram Link to a Olde English Goldendoodle! Joey’s OES lines are from us and his Goldendoodle lines from Doodle Creek.

Contact us text


At this point we can’t guarantee the F1 Mini Sheepadoodle since the conception rate is so poor.  We will still occasionally try. If it works we will post the litter on this page. My son does have some F1 Mini Sheepadoodles available for late Summer 2019 at his website  His website is separate from ours.  Deposits sent to him are not associated with us.