Upcoming Litters 2023

Below is a list of litters planned for 2023.

Our current litters are posted on our home page or available litters page.




Blue – F1 Standard Sheepadoodle

Winnie the Do & Hunter ~ F1b Standard Sheepadoodles ~ 60 – 90 lbs ~ wavy and curly coats ~ Due Sept 28/23 ~ Ready late Nov 2023

Meika & Benji ~ F1 Standard Sheepadoodles ~ 60 – 95 lbs ~ Black & White, Blue Merle & White ~ Due Nov 18/23 ~ Ready Mid Jan 2024



Hudson – F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle


Gwen & Ollie ~  Mini/Moyen size F1b Reverse like Sheepadoodles ~ 35 – 50 lbs ~ Wavy coats ~ Black & white likely turning grey & white ~ White heads expected with strong OES look ~ Due Oct 9/23  ~  Ready early December 2023

– – –


Winnie – Mini Olde English Goldendoodle

Lola & Jasper ~ Olde English Mini Sheepadoodles ~ Black & white, Blue Merle & White,  Brown & White, Chocolate Merle & White  ~ Wavy or Curly coats ~ Born Sept 11/23 ~ Ready Nov 6/23

Hailey  & Jasper ~ Olde English Mini Sheepadoodles ~ 25 – 40 lbs ~ Black & white, Blue Merle & White,  Brown & White, Chocolate Merle & White  ~ Wavy or Curly coats ~ Due Sept 19/23 ~ Ready mid Nov 2023

Macey & Ollie ~ Mini Sheepadoodles ~ 25 – 40 lbs ~ Black & white ~ Wavy coats ~ Due Oct 1/23 ~ Ready Dec 1/23



Theo – F1b Tiny Sheepadoodle

Ellie & Tux ~ Tiny Sheepadoodles ~ 15 – 20 lbs ~ Wavy and/or curly coats ~ Black & white pups ~ Due Oct 24/23 ~ Ready Dec 19/23

– – –

Abby F & Tobi ~ Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles ~ 15 – 25 lbs ~ Wavy coats, Black & white, blue merle & white, Chocolate & White, Chocolate Merle & White ~ Due Nov 10/23  ~  Ready early to mid January 2024

– – –

Daisy & Gryffin ~ Tiny/Mini F1b Sheepadoodles ~ 20 – 35 lbs ~ Wavy or curly coats, Black & white ~ Due Nov 23/23  ~  Ready mid to late January  2024


Hi from Charlie the Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle


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Puppy Application

(For a pup on our available page or upcoming litters page)

Fill out our puppy application if you are looking for a pup now or in the near future.  Let us know what litter you are interested in reserving.  You may list your top 3 choices.  We will get back to you with options we have available for you.   We work hard to make beautiful pups and are honoured that one of our pups may be your future family member!  Please give us 1 – 2 business days to reply.


Email Subscriptions

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 Sign up for email updates to get notifications of when we have litters available.  You should get an automatic welcome email letter right back.  So watch to make sure it comes through.  Sometimes it might go to a scam or promotions folder.  Mark as safe or move to your inbox so future emails can come to the right spot.

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We would love to help you with your future Sheepadoodle!

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Puppy Waitlist Process

We are now taking names for current litters that are born or litters that have a due date. Fill out our puppy application if you see a pup/litter you like.  
We will get back to you with the spot available we have for you in that litter.  Feel free to list your top 3 choices if that litter has puppies to choose from.  
We will send info on how to place a deposit.  The deposit is $500 and is non-refundable. It holds your name to the agreed upon litter spot or puppy. 
If you are interested in a future litter not posted yet then you can sign up for our email subscription for notifications of when our litters arrive.
Feel free to browse our websitefacebook and instagram for updates. 
We look forward to helping you with a future Sheepadoodle!
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Watch for Email notifications or check back on our website for updates.

Some of the above upcoming breeding dogs are not on our website yet.  We will update their info on Our Dogs page soon when we upgrade our website.  So keep watch for info on them.

Note that we make plans but the outcome is in God’s hands. The below litter plans are a guideline and may change if circumstance determine so. So there may be different matings (different stud) but we will do what works best at the time.

Check out Our Dogs page for a brief description of the parents

Please note we are not associated with the I Love My Sheepadoodle Facebook Pet owner group. That is just a friendly group of Sheepadoodles that was established before we came along.  Facebook might send you to that group thinking it is us.