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We would love to help you with your future Sheepadoodle.  We have postponed accepting applications at this time because of the high demand that came with Covid.  However, we will take applications again for as our waitlist clears up and litters become available.   We will only be taking applications then for current puppies.  Not future puppies.  Instead you can sign up for our email newsletter.  I am planning to send updates as we have litters available.  Then when you see one you like you can apply for a puppy at that time.  For the Tiny Sheepadoodles it could be Early/Spring 2021 and for the other sizes Summer 2021 and after. 
In the meantime, feel free to browse our websitefacebook and instagram for updates.
We look forward to helping you with a future Sheepadoodle!

Please note the I Love My Sheepadoodle pet group on Facebook is separate from us (it was there before we came along) but you may see some of our Sheepadoodles in the group. 

We plan litters of all these sizes for Spring, Summer and Fall in 2021

Note that we make plans but the outcome is in God’s hands. The below litter plans are a guideline and may change if circumstance determine so. So there may be different matings (different stud) but we will do what works best at the time.

If we have extra openings from our 2020 pups we will work through those who have put deposits down for 2021 litters.  As our waitlist clears we will begin sending out email updates of available litters.  We are hoping this new system will work well for those looking for a pup!

Blue – F1 Standard Sheepadoodle

Lexi x Henry ~ F1 Standard Sheepadoodles ~ Born Nov 23, 2020 ~ Full


Hudson – F1b Moyen Sheepadoodle

Darla x William ~ F1 x F1b Sheepadoodle ~ Born Dec 10, 2020 ~ Full



Winnie – Mini Olde English Goldendoodle

Abby x Einstein ~ F2 Sheepadoodles ~ 25 – 50 lbs range ~ Due Jan 3, 2021 ~ Full

Misty x Gryffin for F1b Sheepadoodles ~ 25 – 45 lbs range ~ Due Jan 15, 2021 ~ Full

Maya & F1 Mini Sheepadoodle for F2b Sheepadoodles ~ Spring 2021 ~ Full



Theo – F1b Tiny Sheepadoodle

Katie & William for Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles ~ Born Dec 3, 2020 ~ Full

Callie & William for Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles ~ Due Feb 8, 2021


If the litter is marked full that means we have enough people on our master wait list to fill that litter.

Some of the above upcoming breeding dogs are not on our website yet.  We will update their info on Our Dogs page this Summer when we upgrade our website.  So keep watch for info on them.