Ellie & Tux ~ Tiny Sheepadoodles ~ 15 – 30 lbs

Wavy or curly coats, Black & white

Pups ready late Summer 2024


Mae & Max ~ Tiny Desginer Sheepadoodles ~ 20 – 35 lbs

Wavy or curly coats, Black & white or Blue Merle & White

Pups ready late Summer 2024


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Hi from Charlie the Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle – Previous Callie & Tobi Pup!

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About Our Tiny Sheepadoodles

F1b Tiny Sheepadoodles

Our Tiny F1b Sheepadoodle pups have been designed by using our F1 Mini Sheepadoodle moms and mating them with a purebred AKC miniature Poodle stud.  Our F1 Mini Sheepadoodle moms weigh in between 25 – 35 lbs and are about 15 – 17 inches high at the shoulder.  The Mini Poodle studs are around 12-17 lbs and around 12 -13 inches high at the shoulder. The pups should be an average size of their parents, ranging in weights from about 15 – 30 lbs. This breeding has taken several years to develop as we first made our own F1 Mini Sheepadoodles with our Purebred OES mom  and Purebred Mini Poodle.  Since that time we have added a few more moms to our program.  

 The coats of these pups are lovely too.  You will see a variety of curly coats and fleecy coats in the F1b Sheepadoodle litters.  You can also have a rainbow of colours and markings in these litters.  We offer Merle, Black and white, Brown and White, Phantom, Tuxedo, Parti and solids with abstract markings.  These puppies will have an hyper-allergenic coat.  Most all Sheepadoodles are great for this feature.  

The most common things we hear about our Sheepadoodles is how soft their coats are.  They are also one of the most friendly and happy breeds out there.  So if you are looking for a pup with these qualities then the Sheepadoodle is for you. 

Stella – from our first F1b Sheepadoodle litter

Our New Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles!!!

We have created a new Tiny Sheepadoodle! These puppies are part of our program to make an even smaller, hypoallergenic, affectionate Sheepadoodle puppy.   We have bred these puppies to be loving, loyal companions.  These puppies will have wavy, non-shedding coats.  These pups should mature to around the 15 – 30 pound range and be around 12 – 15 inches high at the shoulder.

These puppies are a blend of Old English Sheepdog, Havanese and Miniature Poodle.  We wanted to make a lovely family Sheepadoodle in the smaller size so have created this blend for those searching for a Sheepadoodle in the Tiny size!  And here you go – the time has come and they are here!

Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle Pup




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Happy is a ray of sunshine in our lives! She is funny, sweet, and adorable. Her size has tapered off at around 23lbs, which is absolutely perfect for cuddling – which she loves to do. She is truly filled with personality. Her favourite pass-time is sitting on our front steps and watching the world go by. She’s very funny: she has a couple times now fallen asleep with her body on the couch but her legs on the floor! She is affectionate and very smart. Whenever her ball rolls under a chair, she tries everything she can think of to retrieve it, but if she can’t, she asks for our help with a gentle sound and points her nose in the direction of her toy.
We can’t go anywhere without strangers on the street admiring her and saying how beautiful she is. Happy absolutely loves children – she is so gentle with them and nicely sits or lies down so they can pet her. Happy’s favourite thing is puppy class, where she is fast becoming the star student (and the ‘teacher’s pet’!). She loves the dog park and playing with other dogs of any size (she is not shy!) – she’s a strong, independent puppy that can hold her own.

She is a true sheepdog in that she’s only truly happy when the three of us are together! Happy also is not weary of the water and does love a good bath – she has actually surprised me by climbing into the shower while I’m in there (so much for peace and quiet!). Happy doesn’t mind being brushed – she sometimes brings the hairbrush over to me! Since having her, we’ve never found a hair of hers anywhere except on her coat – she really does not shed at all. She’s a dream come true and we love her so much! ~ Darcie & Craig


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~ LUNA ~

Hi Delicia, Hope all is well with you and your family.  Luna is absolutely fantastic! She’s truly the most incredible puppy! Sweet, kind, gentle and playful. We are madly in love and obsessed!  She still has the most amazing eyes!

She weighs around 21lbs … we love her size – she all around perfect for our family.  ~ Heather G


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~ LEIA ~

Hi Delicia.

Leia is the happiest, most relaxed, and just all around most pleasant-to-have-around dog we have ever had, and we’ve had plenty of dogs over the years – OES x 3, Bulldog X 3, Puli x 2, and a Cocker Spaniel (a long time ago, along with multiple cats). Leia has certainly worked her way into our hearts!

I don’t know if it is just the dog, or the extra training provided by Heidi, or likely a combination of both, plus the fact we are pretty experienced dog owners, but she is SO well adjusted – oh sure, she’s a puppy, with all her energy, and her “zoomies”, but she is just the darn “sweetest” dog we have ever had. Gentle, friendly, mostly restrained, a delight to have around as a companion.

Having had sheepdogs over the years, we certainly recognize all the sheepdog traits in Leia – and we love them. I assume the little curly tail (reminiscent of the Puli) is a Havanese trait, bit it sure helps accentuate her walk – Leia doesn’t just walk, she trots or prances 🙂 So pretty to watch. Enough, I guess – you must think I’m struck with her, but she has me wrapped around the heart.

Ted and Sandy R

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~ LOKI ~

Hi Delicia

See attached photos of our lovely Loki – he is still the most beautiful boy. He is very cuddly, sociable with both people and dogs, particularly children. He is still full of puppy fun and loves to play.

He fitted into our family immediately and is best buddies with Andi and TRex our other dogs. Best Covid purchase of the year!!!

We’ll be back for dog #4 another year.

Happy holidays

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Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle Pup

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