Frequently Asked Questions

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What colours do Sheepadoodles come in?

Typically a Sheepadoodle is black and white as a puppy and will either stay black and white or go some shade of grey & white with it’s adult coat.  We offer a variety of colours in our program.   Here are some colours some of our Sheepadoodle can be.

Black & White

Grey & White

Brown & White

Blue Merle & White


Daisy (left) and Sadie (right)

Apricot & White


Sable & White


What do these markings mean and look like?

Tuxedo, Parti, Phantom, Abstract, Solid


Mostly solid colour on the back with white collar around the neck with white feet.  Looks like the dog is wearing a tuxedo jacket!

Barb – F1B Reverse Sheepadoodle



Part white and part colour, so sort of like a Panda bear look.



Mostly one solid colour with a little bit of white on the face, chest and/or toes.


Tan markings on the eye brows, legs and/or under the tail.


One solid colour (for the most part) on the whole body


Do the markings change?

Typically the markings do stay similar to what they are as a pup. So where there is black that will stay black or go a shade of grey.  Where it is white it usually stays white.  Occasionally the white can get some black or grey markings in it if there are little dots of black at the skin as a pup that are not so noticeable since they are so little.   As the body grows those spots get larger so it becomes more obvious over time.  We see this more in our Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles and not so much in the others.

Matilda – F1b Sheepadoodle with wavy coat – most Sheepadoodles keep their white coats where it is white

Oliver is a Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle. We find that sometimes the white on their back can get grey markings as they get older. Here are some photos below of him as a pup to adult


Do the newborn pups pink noses say that way?

The pink noses on newborn pups often fill in black over the first 8 wks while they are here with us. For those that leave with some pink, we find that they will continue to fill in more with more time.  Sometimes there will be some pink remaining into adulthood.  I have seen fully pink noses go completely black by 1 yrs old. I have also seen some have a few little spots of pink too.  So no guarantees on this.

Ozzie & Woody on Instagram – look back to see their pink noses as pups!

Do Sheepadoodles colours fade?

Yes they can.  Old English Sheepdogs are born black and white as puppies and then turn some shade of grey with their adult coat.  Poodles come in an array of colours.  Some fade and some don’t.  So for the Sheepadoodle some will fade to a lighter shade of they colour they started with and some will keep the colour they started with.  Often we can tell by looking by their eyes to see if their hair will lighten up to grey.  Some go grey sooner than others.  Some you can tell as soon as puppy selection time around 6 wks of age!

Blu stayed black and white – as seen on his instagram page

Gatsby on Instagram. Dark grey coat

Jasper at the beach – see how his coat is now a silver grey


COAT TYPES – Curly, Wavy, Straight

SHEDDING – Sheepadoodles are a hypoallergenic breed.  Most have little to no shedding.  However sometimes there can be more shedding than average for some.  Sheepadoodles have hair so it’s somewhat similar to people. So they will need regular brushing and grooming.

GROOMING – Since Sheepadoodles have hair that grows, it needs to be trimmed.  It is up to the individual on the look they like.  Some like a trimmed shorter clip and others like a long look and others are somewhere in between.  You should plan to book grooming appointments every 6 – 12 wks apart.   It’s a good idea to show a photo of how you like your puppy to look so the groomer has something to go by.


F1 is Purebred Old English Sheepdog parent with a purebred poodle parent.   These usually have wavy coats. Sometimes there are curly coats.

F1b is a F1 parent mated with a Poodle.  You can have wavy coats or curly coats in these pups.

F1b Reverse is a F1 parent with an Old English Sheepdog.  You can have wavy coats or straighter coats in these pups. Sometimes there are curly coats.

F2 is a F1 parent with another F1 parent.  You can have curly, poodle like coats, wavy F1 coats or straighter Old English Sheepdog coats in these.

F2b is a F1 parent with a F1b parent.  You can have wavy or curly coats in these pups.

Multigene – when you have a generation more than these.

SIZES – Standard, Moyen, Mini, Tiny

Standard: 50 – 90 lbs plus

Moyen/Medium: 35 – 60 lbs

Mini Sheepadoodles: 25 – 50 lbs

Tiny Sheepadoodles: 10 – 35 lbs

VISITS or VIRTUAL – We do puppy selection virtually. We do not allow visits for the safety of our puppies. You can go to our About Us page and read more about us and our program. If you scroll down to the bottom you will see some links to youtube that show videos to give you that in person feel.

GENETIC TESTING – We do genetic testing on most of our breeding dogs, if they are not already cleared by parentage.  We also do OFA preliminary hip and elbow testings.  Since we have already health tested our parents we feel that we have done our part for the safety and health of our puppies.  We are getting to the stage were we now have more than one generation of health testing on our breeding dogs since we are keeping back selected breeding stock from our preferred lines.  We offer an additional 1 yr genetic health guarantee to cover defects like hip and elbow dysplasia, eyes, ears and heart conditions of our puppies for $500 more.  You can read about it on our Contract page.