15 – 30 lbs Matured

Born June 24, 2024

Ready August 19, 2024



Max & Mae have graced this world with 6 beautiful Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles.  Look at the beautiful colours and patterns!  We have 5 blue merle & white girls and 1 black & white girl.  They will either keep their colour or go to a lighter version of it with their adult coat.

 These pups are our Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle – a hybrid Sheepadoodle in the Tiny size.  They are 62.5% Mini Poodle, 25% Old English Sheepdog, and 12.5% Havanese blend.  There are curly coats and wavy coats in this litter.  They should be hypoallergenic with either coat.

The pups should mature to around 20 – 25 lbs in general with some slightly smaller or bigger. Female 5 is the biggest in the litter and Female 6 is the smallest so far (written when they are 1 wk old).  The height would be about 13 – 16 inches high at the shoulder.  What a great little size for a Sheepadoodle!!

Puppy picking is planned for around 6 weeks of age virtually by video call or by email/text or phone call.  We have scheduled puppy selection for Thursday, August 1/24.  Time slots are below with the waitlist.

Pups will be ready to go home August 19 or after between 8 – 9 weeks of age.  The pups will come with their first booster, several rounds of dewormer, vet check with health records, and a puppy pack including some food, toy, blanket, vitamins and optional 30 day free pet insurance.


Send in an application if you are interested in one of these puppies.  We will email you the spot we have available for you.  We give 24 – 36 hrs for you to decide if you like to confirm to that spot.   Once things are confirmed we will give you info on deposit and puppy prep info. Deposits are $500 and valid for the one litter you confirm too.  This goes towards the puppy purchase. You can refer to our Waitlist Page or  Pricing and Payments page for more info on the process.

Thank you and we look forward to helping you with your Sheepadoodle puppy!

$2,500 CD


Click Here

for our Puppy Application form



Preference may be listed but is not decided until puppy picking day

Puppy selection planned for Thursday, August 1/24

1. Natasha G ~ Montreal, QB ~ Preference to Female 6 ~ Deposit Made

2. Ashley P ~ Cambridge, ON ~ Preference to Female 4 or 6 ~ Deposit Pending









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Mae is our own bred Tiny Sheepadoodle at I Love My Sheepadoodle.  She is one of the smallest Tiny Sheepadoodles in our program so we expect some nice little pups from her as well.   Mae is around 18.2 lbs and 14.5 inches high at her shoulder. She is 75% mini poodle and 25% Old English Sheepdog.  Mae is well loved by her guardian family.  As a little pup she had lots of energy and thought she was the queen of the world. She had some sass to her but soon found out how to be a lady with manners and politeness.  She is now a big snuggler and loves to cuddle with her family.  She is a gentle and watchful mother to her little pups.  Mae has passed her genetic health tests.

OFA Prelim Hips as Fair and Elbows as Normal.

Embark DNA Testing Clear



Max is a Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle we kept back since he was so cute!  His dad is our family favourite Tobi the Mini Poodle (15 lbs) and his mom is Callie our home bred Havanase Sheepdog (OES  mom and Havanese dad).  Max lives with his guardian family in the Cambridge area.  Max loves to play with other dogs and meet new people.  He prefers to stay away from big dogs and hang out with those his own size.  Roxee (now retired guardian dog of ours) & Max get to have playdates together frequently since their guardians are family with each other.   We look forward to the Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles Max will bring starting 2024.  He is keen to be a dad and make some more family friendly, adorable Tiny Designer Sheepadoodles.

Weight: 29 lbs

Height: 15 inches at shoulder

OFA Hips and Elbows ~ Good and Normal

Embark DNA Health Results


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Hi Delicia
I hope you are doing well.
Pippa is doing great.  She is already about 17-18 lbs of pure energy!  She loves being outside every chance she gets, playing with squeaky balls and other dogs and basically being anywhere I am!
She was spayed at the beginning of April and had no issues – other than apparently sedatives and pain killers don’t do much to slow her down!
She’s already well known in the neighbourhood – everyone stops to talk to her which she loves.
She had her first big hair cut today so is now about half her size with no “floof” left but is still super soft.
She definitely has our hearts!


Finley is such a wonderful pup, we love him very much.
He is already 27lbs!! Although he is bigger than what we thought he was going to be we wouldn’t trade him for the world.
He was just neutered on May 1st and got through it like a charm.
I could send you a million pics lol, here are just a few.
He’s one spoiled furbaby
Thanks for checking in!!





Hi from Charlie the Tiny Designer Sheepadoodle