25 – 40 lbs Matured


Born Jan 10, 2024

Ready March 6, 2024




Roxee and Winston have a beautiful litter of smaller Mini Sheepadoodles!  We have 2 boys and 4 girls in this litter.  Each of the pups in this litter have wavy coats.  These pups are hypoallergenic with their soft, low to non-shedding coat.

We anticipate the pups in this litter to mature in the 25 – 35 lb range.  Some could be a bit more or less.   Based on the parents, the puppies should be around 17 – 18 inches high at the shoulder.

These pups will either keep their current colours or fade to a lighter version of it. Time will tell.

These pups are Multigene Sheepadoodles.  Mom is a F1 Mini Sheepadoodle around 30 lbs.  Dad is a F1b Tiny Sheepadoodle weighting in at 28 lbs.

Puppy selection is planned for around 6 weeks for late February 2024.  Our puppy selection is done virtually.  We will send you a photo of your pup after puppy selection.  Photos on our website will be posted around 2 weeks and 5 weeks of age.

Pups will be ready to go home March 6, 2024 or after between 8-9 weeks of age.   The pups will come with their first booster, several rounds of dewormer, vet check with health records, and a puppy pack including a toy, blanket, some food coupons and food, and an optional 30 day free pet insurance.

Puppy Application Page 

 You can fill our the puppy application page if you are interested in a pup from this litter.  We will try to get back to you within 1 – 2 business days.
Deposits are a non-refundable $500 and go towards a puppy from this litter.  The remaining amount of $2,000 is due a few days before puppy pick up.

$2,500 CD


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Selection Date ~ Feb 20, 2024 ~ Done virtually – time posted here

1. Julia Bruto ~ Aurora, ON ~ Female 1

2. Murray and Laura Foxton ~ Wingham, ON ~ Male 1

3. Eileen Rabin ~ Dollard, QB ~ Female 2

4. Dorothy MacNeil ~ Sydney, NS ~ Female 3

5. Catherine H & Chris E ~ Milton, ON ~ Male 2



Carol F ~ Florida, US






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Roxee is our F1 Mini Sheepadoodle weighing in around 25 – 30 lbs and 17 inches at the shoulder.  She is 50% Mini Poodle and 50% OES.  She is a very gentle and kind mother. Roxee lives with her guardian home most of the time and enjoys her life with them.  They say she is a dream dog!  Roxee  is a beautiful dog inside and out and we expect the same of her puppies!

Good Hips & Normal Elbows – OFA Prelims

Clear on Paw Print DNA Sheepadoodle panel & Embark DNA Panel




Winston is a F1b Tiny Sheepadoodle that lives with his guardian family and Willow another Sheepadoodle in the London, ON area.  Here is a little write up from his family telling a bit about him.  “Winston is loving and very loyal to his favourite people who he will follow everywhere they go.  He started out as a high-energy puppy but has grown into such a sweet, mild-mannered guy – he is the perfect dog!  Winston is very playful and his favourite game is soccer ball fetch. He lives and plays in London with his garudain family and sister Willow, another beautiful Sheepadoodle from ilovemysheepadoodle!  Winston weights 28 lbs as an adult and 17″ high to his shoulders.”

OFA Prelim Hips ~ Good

OFA Prelim Elbows ~ Normal

Clear on Embark DNA Genetic Testing


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