Born Sept 29, 2023

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SALE $1,500 ~ REDUCED TO $750 CD

Dixie is a playful, friendly, outgoing Sheepadoodle. She loves to interact with other dogs and people.  She has a wavy, hypoallergenic coat.  About 65 – 75 lbs matured.


Prince is a tall boy with a striking black & white coat.  He has a soft to touch, hypoallergenic curly coat when it gets longer but is more wavy at the length shown above.  Prince has medium energy and is relatively quiet. He wants to be close to his people when in new settings but also likes to explore on his own when settled in.  He will need someone to give him time to settle in to a new home. I see him being a kind and loyal companion to his forever family.  Expecting Prince to matured out to around  70 – 80 lbs.


Larry is another tall boy with a jet black & white coat.  He has a soft to touch, hypoallergenic curly coat.  Larry is the shy boy of his litter. He lets the others do things first and follows along when he is ready.  He is calm and quiet and likes a quiet, low key setting. He can play with other dogs but he is content to hang out. He loves treats which is great for training.  I see Larry enjoying just hanging out with a lower key home.  He is good to get out for play and walks but mostly he would be happy to chill and hang out.  Larry’s expected to matured out to around  70 – 80 lbs. RESERVED



 F1B Standard Sheepadoodles

The F1b Sheepadoodle is a litter where one parent is a F1 Sheepadoodle and the other parent is a poodle. The pups in this litter will be 75% Poodle and 25% Old English Sheepdog. The shedding will be very light to none in this litter as both parents are considered hypoallergenic breeds.  Their hair is similar to human hair so grows and “sheds” about the same as ours.

These older pups will enjoy activities and hikes/outdoor adventures, but also like to hang out with their people. They are generally good with other dogs and people as the Sheepadoodle is a social dog!~

These older pups have all their puppy boosters completed and are at their full size now.  They haven’t been formally trained and are due to be spayed/neutered within a month or two of going to their new homes.


Application Page

If you are interested in one of our older pups, you can fill out an application page.  They will take more but less work than a younger pup.  Just in different ways.  The puppy stage is past which makes it a lot easier!  They are not used to city life so will need some time to adjust to a new setting.

These puppies have a greatly reduced price so they can find a family that is willing to work with them where they are.  The pups come from genetically tested parents. You can read more below to see info on their parents.


SALE $1,500 ~  REDUCED to $750

Taxes included

A deposit of $250 will hold the pup you pick to your name


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Winnie lives with her guardian family just outside of Ilderton, ON.  She has a great property to run and play on and a family who loves her and takes her out for walks and adventures with friends and family.   Here is a little write up from her guardian family. “Winnie is approximately 60 pounds and around 25 inches high (to her front shoulders). Winnie is a big, silly, loving ball of energy.  As a true working dog, Winnie loves being with her “herd” and loves running, fetch and being outside as much as possible.  She is protective of her herd but loves to play with other dogs (and kitties if they will let her).  She is a big goof with a heart almost as big as her. She is a beautiful dog inside and out.”  You can see more of Winnie’s adventures here on Instagram. 

Excellent Hips & Normal Elbows – OFA Prelims

Clear on Embark DNA Panel

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Hunter is our recently acquired standard merle & white poodle.  He is a very tall boy!  And he weighs in around 65 lbs.  The thing that stands out about Hunter other than his huge size, is his very gentle easy going personality.   We love to see this in our dogs and look forward to having more puppies with his golden personality!

Good OFA Hips and Normal Elbows

Genetic testing clear