BORN NOV 18, 2023

READY JAN 13, 2024

20 – 30+ lbs matured







We are happy to introduce Daisy and Gryffin’s first litter of Tiny Sheepadoodles!  We have 5 beautiful black and white puppies in this litter.  There are 4 boys and 1 girl.  The temperaments of these pups should be great!  Daisy is sweet and affectionate, calm and cuddly.  Gryffin loves life and is a vibrant bundle of positive energy wherever he goes.

This is a F1b litter which is a F1 Sheepadoodle crossed with a Poodle.  The puppies are 25% Old English Sheepdog and 75% Mini Poodle.  You will see some curly coats and some straighter coats coats in this litter.  Since both the Poodle and OES are hypoallergenic breeds these pups will also be hypoallergenic.

The average size of these pups is expected in the 20 – 30 pound range but there could be some bigger or smaller one than average since there is Old English Sheepdog and Mini Poodle in their genetics.  So we could see a range of sizes from 15 – 35 lbs plus in some cases.  For matured height at the shoulder the pups should mature between 15 – 17 inches but again there could be some taller or shorter due to the genetics behind them.

These pups will be ready to go home Jan 13, 2024 or after at the age of 8 weeks. They will have their first booster and several rounds of deworming. Our vet will also have done a thorough inspection of each pup.  Puppy picking is planned by video call done in order of waitlist below.  Photos will be posted again around 4 – 5 weeks of age.

Applications Page Open

Daisy & Gryffin’s litter is now open for puppy applications!   You may apply by sending in a puppy application.  If you have sent an application in before, you still need to fill one out again for this litter as we don’t keep track of old applications.

We will do our best to reply within 24 – 48 hrs of your application.   We hold your name as pending to our next available spot for you for 24 – 48 hrs for you to decide if you like to confirm with a deposit. Take note we are closed Sundays. If you decide to confirm, you can then place a deposit.  Our puppy deposit is $500 non-refundable and is meant for the litter you commit to.   We will give more info then in a follow up email with puppy prep.

These puppies are priced at $2,500 CD taxes included.  If you wish to add in our $500 health guarantee you can do so.  Just let us know.  Read more about it on our contract page.

These pups are beautiful inside and out!

We look forward to helping you with your future Sheepadoodle family member!

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Puppy Selection Open Now

1. Brian Richardson ~ Kanata, ON ~ Male 1








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Daisy is a friendly girl with a great personality!  She comes from our Mini poodle Tobi’s lines. Her dad is a poodle from another respected breeder so she has a solid history of good breeding lines.  Daisy lives with her guardian family nearby.  She loves playing with her friends and going for walks and/or playdates with the neighbourhood dogs.

Here is what Daisy’s guardian family says: “Daisy weighs about 20 lbs and when she’s not cuddling, she’s chasing a ball or out for walks with her friends. She loves being the centre of attention and is just an all around treasure to have.”

OFA Hips – GOOD & OFA Elbows – NORMAL


 Animal Genetics DNA with one carrier of CDDY & Embark DNA results coming soon



Gryffin is a smaller F1 Mini Sheepadoodle weighing in around 25 lbs and standing about 18 inches high at the shoulder.  He has a lovely tuxedo coat which we look forward to seeing in his puppies.  He is a true gentleman!  He lives with his guardian family in the Waterloo area along with his Sheepadoodle playmate Callie!  They are well loved by their 3 little people and guardian parents.   Gryffin is a joy to have and we are thankful for this little man!

OFA Hips and Elbows – Good  

Clear DNA panel through Embark